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A leading developer of fully integrated towns that includes hotels, villas and apartments, leisure facilities such as golf courses, marinas, retail and supporting infrastructure.

Muriya is committed to taking the lead in promoting environmental and socially responsible tourism.

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About Oman

The gateway to the Arabian Peninsula, its long been at the crossroads between Asia and Europe and the stepping stone to Africa. Oman is a land of myriad names and descriptions, of unending beauty, where the landscape stretches from the burnt ochre of the dunes of Rub al Khalil, the mist-laden and green covered mountains of Salalah to the awe-inspiring mountains of Jabel Akdhar and a coastline that stretches for a thousand miles through some of the most beautiful beaches yet untouched by the hand of man.

Politically stable under a benevolent monarchy that provides everyone a safe and secure environment; its growth in all areas has been a source of inspiration to many of its neighbours. Its tax-free status on personal incomes makes it the ideal haven for secure investments. Its high value and stable currency makes it ideal for reinvestment.